A gentle reminder to check-in

Here’s a gentle reminder to check-in

It’s comforting to hear some say winter makes them happy because the holidays bring more family time or the snow blanketing the earth looks divine. It’s soothing to me because it’s a reminder to take in the season.

Yet, winter can still feel too dark for some of us. Dark because some are worried about getting the heating bill paid, the weather has been battering producers, or others are grieving the recent passing of a loved one.

Here’s a gentle reminder to check-in with family, friends, and neighbors if you haven’t already. But also, check-in with yourself. Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning, on your drive to work, or when you get home after a long day, and how you’re interacting with others. If something isn’t quite right, make an effort to reach out if you need help. Your feelings are as important as anyone else’s. You matter.

Originally published in St. James Plaindealer on December 5th, 2019.

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