High Tea Party: “very, very English.”

The red sofas in Judy Raatz’s living room pop against the white walls and the golden oak hardwood floor. She has invited her friends to her St. James, Minnesota home on a Thursday for afternoon tea or “high tea.”

The gals sit around the living room, some wearing patterned blouses and others wearing dresses with their sunhats on their head or resting on their laps.

“A high tea, also called a full tea, means you will have three courses,” Raatz explains to her friends while standing at the entrance of her living room. “A high tea also means a cake sitting, and of course, also means high society. The funny thing is what it really turns into is gossip.” The women burst into laughter. “Then I thought,” Raatz continues, “‘Oh my gosh, Sunday, the minister says thou shalt not gossip.’ Oh my goodness. Here we are.”

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My Old Little Sister Is Leaving for More Than Just College

My sister who is four years younger than me is beginning college in the fall. In the next week or so, she’s also completely moving out of my parents’ house…before me. Part of me thought, she’s way too young, moving way too quickly, and I have to talk some sense into her. But now I know she’s been pushed a bit ahead since as far back as I can remember, and I won’t suddenly try to stop her now.

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Tears of “Happy”

After landing a job as a staff writer at the local newspaper, in my mother’s eyes I’ve “made it” because I work for people’s stories. I’ve felt guilty for thinking I’m not quite there yet because this is just the beginning. But for my mother, to finally have me working at a desk after her long hours at the factory hog farm while numbing the pain of her hand deformity with medication to pay off my college out-of-pocket, I’ve definitely made it.

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Antiquarians Damaris and Fernando Sanchez Choose to Go Out with the New and in with the Old

Edited by: Jade Sayson

Photo by: Guadalupe Valenzuela

Damaris Aquino-Sanchez sees trashed furniture and pictures something better.

“I know a lot of people will go [shopping] with me and I get really excited and they don’t see why I want it,” says Aquino.

This was the case when she found a hutch TV stand and wanted to convert it into a wine bar. Her husband and business co-owner, Fernando “Fern” Sanchez, couldn’t picture what she was imagining until after he started the upcycling process, boosting the value of the unwanted product.

The stand sits in the back work room. Sanchez replaced the inside of the hutch and the shelves with mirrors and added a glass hanger rack. He moves his hands along the frame as a guide when he explains what’s missing. They still need to fix the chipped corners, add shelves that look like X’s to the bottom of the stand, for the bottles, and include an ice bucket set to make it complete. Aquino and Sanchez are turning a $100 project into one worth $1,000.

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Libby: Take The Library With You

Books, books, books.

I want so many of them, but I can’t be spending. As a college student a dollar for a book at the thrift store is also a dollar for laundry! 

This is why I’m devoted to the library, and want to talk about a free app called Libby, by OverDrive. I’ll be displaying it from my iPhone. 

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