Libby: Take The Library With You

Books, books, books.

I want so many of them, but I can’t be spending. As a college student a dollar for a book at the thrift store is also a dollar for laundry! 

This is why I’m devoted to the library, and want to talk about a free app called Libby, by OverDrive. I’ll be displaying it from my iPhone. 

Schools and libraries use OverDrive as a digital reading platform.

After the original OverDrive app, the company created Libby. It lets you check out ebooks and audiobooks directly from the library with your library card. I only use it for ebooks, though. 

I’ve used the app since the beginning of 2017, mostly on Android and only recently on iOS. 

I will always prefer physical books over ebooks. But I started using this app because I traveled a lot between Minnesota and Illinois for school and work. I couldn’t check out books and return them on time. Libby gives you access the library through any device. 

You can choose where you read your books. 

The app itself is user friendly and appealing. I can tell the purpose of this app was to get you reading quicker without any navigation issues.  

This is one of the simplest settings menu I’ve seen. 
There’s enough search options to get relevant results. 

The menu at the bottom of the screen is always there for quick access to the library, your shelf, or the book you’re currently reading.  

The reader is straightforward, and has enough options within the settings for a comfortable read. This is mine. 

A few cons for me:

1. When the library doesn’t have the book you want, you have the option of ordering it from a nearby library, and receiving it within a few days. You don’t get that kind of option in the app. You’re forced onto a waiting list until the previous person returns the book. 

2. The android app lags on me a lot more than iOS. The reader takes too long to change pages, and the scroll effect for the settings is glitchy.  

Other than that, it’s still thousands of free books in my bag wherever I go. 

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